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Get a personal Fax Number ! ....          And Go Paper-Less

Pricing Available per Agent and Volume Discount pricing available to Brokers or Office Groups.

All your faxes sent directly and securely to your E-Mail box as a PDF file.

Fax saves you time... Go Paper Less!

Save Money and Cancel your home fax phone line.

Call For Team and Broker Pricing.

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Problems... Never Again !!

  • Faxed contract or addendum comes in... but your schedule won't let you get back to the fax machine until the next day or late that night.

  • Called late at night that you were just faxed a hot contract... Now you have to make a special trip to the office to see the fax and respond!

  • Worries that a faxed contract is lying around at the office for all other agents to see?

  • Missed a fax because it was put in another agent's box!

  • Did not get notified a new fax arrived that was a contract.

  • Buyers/Sellers cannot read the faxed contract you re-fax to them!

--- Features ---

  • Faxes will be routed directly to your E-mail addresses.

  • Get your faxes wherever you can get E-mail - at any time, at any place.

  • Mobile phone notification when a new Fax arrives.

  • Automatically CC anyone you choose on received Faxes.

  • Don't waste time running to the office just to pickup a fax.

  • Immediate Fax delivery so you can respond immediately if needed.

  • Secure Fax delivery.  Only you can see the fax.

  • No lost pages during paper fax distribution.

  • No other agent can see the Faxed contract terms compromising the negotiations for your seller.

  • Email contracts, addendum and other paper work to buyers and sellers instead of faxing.

  • Dedicated Fax is far superior to home fax line.

  • No need to be home to have a Fax or PC answer Fax calls.

  • Don't tie up home phone line waiting on faxes.

  • Senders will never get a busy signal due to kids being on the phone.

  • You don't have to have a dedicated fax.

  • Never run out of paper and miss the fax.