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No waiting for Faxes ! ....          And Go Paper-Less

Never give a customer  a busy signal when sending you a fax.

Never buy extra fax lines just for busy End-of-Month.

Never loose a fax from low fax  toner or waiting for fax machine repairs.

Designed by Impact Solutions

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Benefits !!

  • Eliminate the extra fax lines just so you can receive faxes during the busy periods.

  • Eliminate maintenance costs of multiple machines used for outbound only.

  • Eliminate the frustration of not being able to get important faxes because your power is out, you are out of toner, or the fax machine is broken.

--- How it Works ---

About Never-Busy Fax

  • The Never-Busy Fax system will receive your faxes when you are unable to.

  • Once we have received your fax, the system will hold it until your fax machine is ready to receive again.

  • If your fax machine continues to be busy or unavailable, the system can then forward the fax to you by email.

Impact's Never-Busy Fax is a powerful business tool.  We developed our own fax technology that allows your fax calls to be forwarded to a local number provided by Impact whenever your fax machine is busy or does not answer.  After we receive your fax, we can deliver it to you in any format you chose. We can send it to your fax machine when it becomes available, send it by email to any email account, or even send it to a different fax machine. We are highly customer service oriented and will customize our system to fit your business needs.