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HIPAA-fax For Health Care

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Receive and Send
Faxes from your
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Keep your existing Fax Number ! ....          And Get HIPAA Compliant

As low as $39 / Month.


Help With
Electronic Records
HIPAA Compliance
Drowning in Faxes


Faxes sent as encyrpted PDF files directly to your E-mail.


Use our secure, encrypted portal to receive/send Faxes.


Save Money and Cancel your fax phone line.

                                           Benefits !!
  • HIPAA-Fax online solution includes unique user ID, administrative control to grant or remove access and next generation encryption.

  • HIPAA-Fax enables you to deliver faxes to ONLY those who are authorized to receive patients PHI, eliminating exposure to risks associated with a physical fax machine.

  • HIPAA-Fax keeps your faxes encrypted at all times, both in transit and when stored online.

  • You can keep electronic copies of faxes sent and received for fast follow-up.

  • 27% of paper faxes are misplaced, have lost pages or get corrupt during fax machine printing.  Not with HIPAA-fax!

  • HIPAA-Fax employs multi-level audit controls. Lifetime secure and automatic archiving and transmission tracking with unique identifiers.

  • Faxes are considered electronic transmissions and are covered by HIPAA rules.


--- Features ---
  • HIPAA-Fax costs as little as $39 per month for most offices.

  • Include Faxed documents directly into your Electronic Medical Records as a Tiff or PDF file.

  • Reduce Costs of your faxes by 40%

  • Automatically route Faxes to the intended staff or department.

  • Reduce workload on front office staff to hand deliver paper faxes.

  • Faxes are privately and securely delivered directly to a PC you specify.

  • Only authorized staff can view the faxes.

  • HIPAA-Fax can help you comply with the physical safe guards required by HIPAA.