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Keep your existing Fax Number ! ....          And Go Paper-Less

As low as $12.50 / Month for non-Toll Free numbers or $17.50 for Toll Free numbers. 


Faxes sent as PDF files directly to your E-mail.


Fax saves you time... Go Paper Less!


Save Money and Cancel your fax phone line.


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Benefits !!

o        Electronically store supporting documentation for policies in ANY computer system, your PC or Insurer's customer information system.

o       Copies of proof of prior insurance for discounts

o       Proof of accident reports or police reports

o       Forms of excluding other drivers

o       Appraisals of Jewelry

o       Certification of alarm company service

o       Documentation of grade cards for Good Student Discounts

o        Streamline your process for storage and retrieval of documentation for Insurers.

o        Easily and quickly retrieve supporting documentation for Insurance company.

o         Maximize use of fewer back office support staff.

o     Allow agents more time to sell new customers.


--- Features ---

o          Faxes to your Fax number will be sent directly to your E-mail addresses.

o          Get faxes wherever you can get E-mail - at any time, at any office or home.

o          Send Faxes as easy as you send E-mail.

o          Fax is far superior to office fax line with higher image quality.

o          Cancel your dedicated home fax line and save money.


o          Faxes are delivered immediately allowing you to respond immediately.

o          Never present busy signals to fax senders.

o          Send someone any fax you received just be sending it in an email.

o          Eliminate lost pages.

o          Never run out of paper and miss another fax.