Receiving Faxes into my E-Mail

Sending Faxes from my E-Mail

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What is the Cost?

Privacy and Confidentiality

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Receiving Faxes into my E-Mail Box


As an Impact Fax subscriber, you will be able to receive and send your faxes from you E-Mail.  Impact Fax will provide you with a Fax number which you will give out to your customers as your fax number.  This number can be either a Toll Free number or a number out of Ohio or Indiana.  Any fax sent to this number will be received by Impact Fax's secure mainframe, converted and sent to the email address you choose as a PDF file attachment. (Acrobat Reader will open this type of file).   At this point you will have a digital image of your fax and you can save it on your computer in a customer's file and retrieve later as needed.


If you do not want to publish a new fax number for your office you can call forward your fax line to the Fax Toll Free number or other  number provided to you.  The call forwarding will NOT affect outbound calling on that line.  Incoming faxes can be call forwarded at the same time that you are also sending out faxes from your fax machine.


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Sending Faxes from my E-Mail


This service can also be used for sending faxes directly from your computer. 

You can send faxes of documents you have on your computer by attaching those documents to an E-mail.  You just send the E-Mail to an email address that contains the Fax Number you want to Fax to.  We have detailed instructions to train you on how to perform this simple procedure.  Click here to view the Sending Procedures.  You may still want to keep your fax machine for sending faxes of hard copy paper that comes to you through the US mail or by other means.  

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How can I cancel my current fax line


If you are interested in canceling your current fax line in order to save in costs you can do so by doing the following:


Publish your fax number as the Fax number given to you by Impact Fax and plug your fax machine into your phone system just like a regular telephone set that makes outbound calls from your office.


- OR -


Continue to use you existing fax number by call forwarding it to the Fax number and replace your last line in your phone system with you fax line which will now be available for outbound calls only.  For example, your office currently has 4 voice lines and one fax line.  The four voice lines are in a hunt group.  If you cancel the fourth line in the hunt group (leaving three line that will roll over if the other is busy) and connect you existing fax line into you phone system (making it available to be used for out going calls only) the fax line can still be call forwarded to the Fax number and still be available to fax out on.

What is the cost?


Non-Toll Free Fax number for Receiving

5 cents per page with a minimum of 250 pages per month.

$0.05 X 250 =$12.50/month

After the first 250 pages the cost is still just 5 cents per page


Toll Free Fax number for Receiving

7 cents per page with a minimum of 250 pages per month.

$0.07 X 250 = $17.50/month

After the first 250 pages the cost is still just 7 cents per page


Sending Faxes from E-Mail with a Receiving account

7 cents per page. Pages sent and received are counted in the same pool of pages.


Additional Fax numbers

Additional number are available for other agents in the office a t $5.00 per number. There is no page minimum and the usage can all be grouped together.


Sending Faxes from E-Mail without a Receiving account

7 cents per page with a minimum of 100 pages per month.

$0.07 X 100 = $7.00/month

After the first 100 pages the cost is still just 7 cents per page.



Why would I choose a Toll Free number over a Non-Toll Free number


A reason to use the Toll Free Fax number would be to keep your customer from having to dial a long distance number to send a Fax to your office or so you do not have to call forward you existing line to a long distance number.   By using the Fax toll Free number you are paying a slightly higher price per page but this includes the Toll Free Long Distance rate charged to Impact Fax which is 2 cents per minute (the average fax transmission is 1 page per minute).  If your office lines have long distance included in the line charge or if your long distance rate for your office is less than 2 cents per minute, you will want to call forward your fax line to the non-Toll Free Fax number given to you with a lower rate per page.



Privacy and Confidentiality


Impact Fax service is HIPAA compliant.  As such, all fax transmissions are considered private and confidential between the sender and intended recipient.  Fax transmissions are received and immediately transmitted to only the intended recipient's email address.  If the recipient's email system supports encryption, the email transmission is encrypted. 


The Fax transmission is not stored or maintained on the Impact Fax system so recipients should not rely on any form of Fax transmission recovery by Impact Fax.  The Impact Fax system is fully automated and requires no human oversight or involvement for proper operation thus further ensuring privacy and confidentiality of transmissions.



How do I get started


Simply tell Impact Fax how many Fax numbers you want (Non-Toll Free or Toll Free number) and what email address the faxes should be forwarded to and we will do the rest.  Let us know if you will want to also send faxes from directly from your E-Mail program.  You will be notified of your I-Fax number and be asked for monthly billing information and it's time to start using I-Fax.  You can contact us by clicking here, Order Now by clicking here or call us at (513) 842-3737